Our Approach

Our approach is simple. Our first action with any community is to listen. By listening, we figure out what’s important, and design durable solutions together that meet the needs of communities and partners.

We encourage starting small to see tangible results quickly. This helps build confidence in the process, encourages people to come along on the journey, and builds support for bigger and more ambitious conservation efforts. Communities are in the driving seat in this process, while we provide support where invited. Over time, our involvement becomes increasingly lighter.

Supporting communities

Pesisir Lestari teams work alongside communities at our core conservation sites to develop or adapt marine conservation models, support local governance, and collaborate with specialist organisations to address community needs.

Supporting partners

To broaden our reach, we build long-term relationships with like minded partners who are already working closely with coastal communities in other geographies. We share our experiences and resources, supporting them to implement effective, community-led approaches to marine management, while learning from their experiences.

Supporting network

We mobilise networks of civil society organisations to scale up holistic, community-led approaches to marine management and promote them among policy makers and donors by raising the voices of coastal communities. We facilitate learning and exchanges among partners.