Community-based fisheries management

We support coastal communities in initiating fisheries management that aims to protect marine ecosystems and habitats that are important to them, namely coral reefs and mangrove forests. Together with local partners and communities, we define specific fisheries management steps, starting with participatory fisheries monitoring to look at local fisheries trends over time and using data collected by communities to discuss steps towards fisheries management such as temporary closure of areas fishery regularly, especially for economically important fisheries, such as octopus and mud crab. By combining data, knowledge and community knowledge as the basis for community-based fisheries management, we encourage the formation of locally-managed marine areas (LMMAs) for the sustainability of community livelihoods for the future.

Mangrove conservation and restoration

Pesisir Lestari supports partners and communities to implement sustainable use of mangrove forests, where communities can have access to management, to monitor and perform supervisory functions on the mangrove forest areas they manage. We also support the restoration of damaged mangrove forest ecosystems through restoration efforts involving all stakeholders in the field.

Improving the livelihood security of coastal communities

In an effort to encourage sustainable management of fisheries and marine resources, we also ensure that communities are empowered and able to fulfill their basic livelihood rights. From the various basic rights of livelihood of coastal communities, we take a holistic approach, namely improving health status, increasing financial resilience, and strengthening social inclusiveness and gender equality.