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Empowering Communities and Conserving Oceans: Insights from National Workshop on OECM Definition and Criteria

Updated: Jun 5

MPA and OECM Consortium at OECM National Workshop on Definition and Criteria
MPA and OECM Consortium (Rare, WWF, CTC, REKAM, KI, and YPL) at OECM National Workshop (Jakarta, March 27th, 2024)

In the vast, blue expanse of our planet’s oceans, lies not just the heart of our ecosystem but the crux of human sustainability. Our recent engagement in a workshop focused on Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures (OECM) in Indonesia, under a consortium funded by Oceans 5 and Packard Foundation, reaffirmed our belief and broadened our horizons on sustainable ocean conservation.

Unifying Diverse Perspectives

Organized in collaboration with six esteemed organizations (Yayasan Konservasi Indonesia, REKAM, Rare Indonesia, WWF Indonesia, Pesisir Lestari, and Coral Triangle Center), and supported by Oceans 5 and Packard, this workshop was a melting pot of ideas and expertise aimed at exploring the potential of OECM in our region. The diversity of perspectives, ranging from grassroots communities to government officials, enriched our discussions. We grappled with defining and setting criteria for OECM and navigated the complexities of legal frameworks, all with the shared goal of sustainable management of our coastal and ocean ecosystems.

Discussion on OECM's definition and criteria with different stakeholders in Indonesia
Discussion on OECM's definition and criteria with panelists from the MMAF, Consortium representative and RFBM Community.

Learning from Experts

The workshop was an enlightening experience, thanks in large part to the opportunity to collaborate with renowned experts in Oceans and Fisheries in Indonesia. Their passion and commitment to ocean conservation were infectious, providing valuable insights into the significance of community empowerment in conservation efforts. Additionally, the open-minded approach of the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (MMAF) in collaborating with NGOs like ours was a beacon of hope for future partnerships.

Progressive Strides in OECM

One of the most encouraging outcomes of the workshop was the consensus building around the definition, criteria, and legal framework of OECM. This marks a significant step in the right direction, aligning various stakeholders on a common platform for action and policy-making.

The Road Ahead

As we look forward to further conversations and developments in OECM, the alignment of these new perspectives with Pesisir Lestari’s Sustainable Community-led Natural Resources Management Model is a source of great excitement and optimism. This synergy is not just a testament to our model’s relevance but also a beacon of hope for sustainable ocean conservation practices.

Lets Collaborate in this Exciting OECM Journey

At Pesisir Lestari, we're open for collaboration with individuals, communities, organizations and institutions who share the same passion on OECM and its potential in revolutionizing ocean and coastal ecosystem management. Share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas on how we can collectively foster a sustainable future for our oceans. Contact us at to initiate conversation with us and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

Together, let’s navigate these waters towards a sustainable and prosperous future for our oceans and communities.

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