Monitoring and Evaluation Lead

Lugas is an enthusiastic and energetic person who has passion in coastal community development. He has bachelor degree in Fisheries from Padjadjaran University, and a master degree in Marine Governance (environmental economics) from Wageningen University. His passion on community development and marine conservation, has brought him to pursue and dedicated his career to working with small scale fishing communities in Indonesia since 2017. As MEL Lead, Lugas worked alongside with the program team and local CBO/NGO partners to support the implementation of the project, and to measure the program impact on the community level for better future project implementation.

Besides his passion for coastal community development, he also loves music, arts, nature and sports. He was a professional singer and dancer. He also enjoys hiking to the top of mountains, or diving deep into the beautiful corally sea. When you say ‘Badminton’, please get yourself prepared. Because Lugas is ready to beat you in the game.