Growing up in the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indah has always been obsessed with the sea that unites Indonesia. She studied fisheries science in Java’s Universitas Gadjah Mada and continued her studies in environmental science in Bali’s Universitas Udayana, focusing on coastal studies.

For the last eight years Indah has dedicated her career to working with small-scale fishing communities across Indonesia, from Sumatra to Papua. As Fisheries Lead, Indah works alongside communities providing technical assistance in fisheries monitoring and management. Indah is also an artist, her love of the marine environment inspires her paintings. She also plays badminton in her spare time. 

She focuses on developing strategic partnerships with fishers, government, NGOs and increasing the sustainability of small-scale fisheries in Indonesia. 

Indah’s work currently focuses on supporting small-scale fishing communities to secure their marine tenure rights, as a foundation for locally led management and conservation in eastern Indonesia. This work includes revitalising traditional fisheries management practices, and working with the government to safeguard these customary institutions. Indah will discuss how a new approach to marine management  is helping empower and inspire some of Indonesia’s most vulnerable coastal communities to take steps to rebuild their fisheries.